One Particle

The purple mountains over the horizon
Scream of majestic royalty
The grass sings a song
Intending to spread the fresh mountain air
How many will the breezes reach
When the trek looks too tough to hike?
Can the key to the inside
Be bought with a charge to a credit card?
Will the price of the soul
Equal up to material objects?
One particle stands up
“I want Adventure!”
“I want Love!”
Other particles join in…

Feel the Galaxy in drops and dribbles
Verses, Metrics, Splish, Splash
This whole Universe is poetic
Down to the cells forming the body
The smallest things have the biggest impact
When the Universe flies by on a daily basis
One drop of Rain
One Human
One Love
One source of Light
A canyon carved
The World changed
A heart opened
The darkness brightened
One particle has the capability to do anything
Set free from the fingertips of God,
Don’t give up
Experience holds the umbrella against the storm’s powers
While Grace and Love bring the Sunshine
Life’s events keep the particles charged
An army in the body
Floating with the Universe’s various breezes
Instead of fighting against everything
Only then, can change be made

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