One Race One Face

One color,
one face.
Yes, I say
one race-
togetherness is what I say.
One race,
one life,
I don't see no black and white.
One body,
one hand,
let's come together and stand.
Love is what God is-
He made a lot of cultures,
so we could see the different lands.
I say one face,
one hand,
let's come together and be friends.
You are my sister, my brother-no matter what color you are.
Let's come together and reach for the stars.
Let's come together in all nations,
let's show love and all different faces.
If I cut you and you cut me, we would bleed the same you see.
It saddens me to see that GOD creation can be so feeble and mean.
We have came a long way; we are not back in 1968,
so can we pray for one race, one face?

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