One Summer Night

A whisper on the summer breeze carries your name,
it softly caresses my face, just as your hand once did the same.
I can still recall that night when we first met,
you uttered the most romantic words, which I shall never forget.
They spilled out effortlessly into the warm, starry night,
in foreign tongue so perfectly, my heart just took flight.
Of course your words, though beautiful, I could not understand.
You translated them for me, as you reached out and touched my hand.
You smiled at me, your eyes smiled too.
The anticipation was building between me and you.
You were asking my permission for our first good-night kiss.
Your lips merged with mine as we engaged in sweet bliss.
Our souls danced and mated not wanting ever to part.
My heart knew we were meant for one another right from the start.
That night was the most perfect of all summer nights,
that night when the magic developed between us, ever so right.
These special memories are solely ours to share.
The romance. the magic. the subtle whispers in the air.

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