One Thread

A Poem

excited inside to see him.
to look in his eyes.
stayed away then on purpose.
hiding feelings inside.

time just went on.
years passing by.
a decade and more.
until that one night.

nervous. heart beating.
I finally see.
those eyes that I missed.
looking back at me.

I stumble and stutter.
I fumble my words.
I breathe. start over.
this chance is my first.

when wonder and wishing
become very real.
hand touch across the table.
amazing. it feels.

sweet smiles. chit chat.
stolen side glances.
then a mid-air eye crash,
detours the chances.

he drives me home.
a third touch of my hand.
awkwardly reacting.
praying he’ll understand.

parked car. street light.
desired first kiss. soft lips.
time stopped for a moment.
could never forget this.

said I’m shy. pulled away.
asked to make out again.
my heart beats my ribs.
so glad to be here with him.

up the stairs. back inside.
I lock the front door.
turn around. smiling.
anticipation of more.

date by date. I am learning.
It’s just been so long.
walls start coming down.
vulnerable. usually so strong.

understood. not the time.
may need more time to grow.
wants a man. not a boy.
emotions. don’t show.

this is who I am. just me.
a strong man with heart.
emotions run deep. so deep.
hard to tell them apart.

this story. our story.
paused. while apart.
I will work on myself.
I will handle my part.

time tells. destiny knows.
just one thread. 2 souls.
God’s needle pulls the thread.
slowly. surely. until whole.


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