One to Another

The Old Man dies,
With tears in his eyes.
Full of regrets,
Should have dones, would have dones.
Weeping by himself, he begins to cry.

"Calm down Young Man,
Be all you can be."
"Old Man, I'll try for all I am,
You just watch and see."

The Old Man's heart slows down,
Quiet is the sound.
Filled with bitterness,
Should have beens, could have beens.
Remembering the past, he begins to frown.

"Young Man, remember what I say;
Love life, it comes as it may."
"Old Man, I promise this to you;
To myself, I will always remain true."

The Old Man lives,
So graciously he gives.
Filled with pride and might,
It shall be, it can be.
For every wrong, he forgives.

So goes the story in reverse.

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