One True Love

Since the first day I met her, I've had her on my mind.
I knew we were destined to be together and I hoped she'd be mine.
But at that point I knew all I wanted was her.
I knew we'd be together for many many years.
She’s the one I fell for very quickly indeed.
She’s the one I see my life with and she’s all I need.
I’m not good enough but she’ll love me anyway
And I’ll love her no matter what time, year, month, or day.
I’ll love her with every fiber of my being.
I always have and I always will and I don’t just want a fling.
We may have issues down the road but what duo doesn't?
What will make us different is we will spend our lives fixing it.
Her beautiful blue eyes are as blue as the waters that the Titanic sank.
I could get lost in them every day and she can take that to the bank.
She’s as amazing as they come, personality and all.
And since day one, more and more I fall.
Even when we say we’re slowly falling out of love,
My love for her will reach higher than the heavens far above.
My love for her deeper than the ocean, taller than the mountains.
I love her wider than the deep blue of the earth that harbors the love for us.
She’s my one and only and one day we will have a family.
Just her, junior, our love, and I.
For nightfall is growing near, goodnight and sleep tight, my angel from above.
With deep true emotions this is said with all my love.
I love her and I’ll never forget that.
I'll always protect her whether it's from an army or just a wee cat.
I love her and I hope she won’t dismiss it.
For she is my one true love.

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