One Truth

Could it be that i was right all along ?
Could it be that you were wrong ?
These crazy things i think, could be reality.

How could I know this, I have never seen it, never even heard of it.
I have never been there, or have I, and I just don't remember ?
Whatever it is, I know its not normal .
The colors, the visions, the sounds all seem real.
The symbols appear out of nowhere. Given to me to decifer.
This is how I am, why I am me.

I did not ask for this, it's all I've ever known .
Its normal to me , I think you're the weirdo.
I guess we're all different, but one thing I know .
The truth of the matter is simply just this, there is only one truth.
What's meant to be, is meant to be,
We have no control over it , we can't control our destinys.

I am honored to be granted this moment ,
to know what you know, and see what you see.
Together again, as it should be.

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