One Tuesday Morning

Though years have come and gone, my memory is not vague.
The smoke that filled the air stained the sky a blackest plague.
The tears that filled our people could be measured oceans deep.
In the silence of today, I can hear those loved ones weep.

Many questions filled our minds as anger began to roar.
The land of the free was attacked right to its core.
A mother would never hold her child or see her baby smile.
A father would never return home or walk his daughter down the aisle.

Many wives became widows as many husbands lost their jewel.
Who knew hatred could cause a man to be so wicked and so cruel?
It seemed as if the world stood still as our hearts mourned the pain.
The evil that oppressed our land had left a dark, bitter stain.

It was a mark we could not let go and let Satan have the win.
So we grabbed our U.S. soldiers and fought for victory once again.
As our flag stands at half mast, we remember those who died.
Though enemies tried to destroy, our nation has survived.

I will never forget that tragic day our home was torn a part.
As an American, I can truly say, "It is forever within my heart".

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