One Unwell One

Shaking back to consciousness, I feared what lay ahead.
I was afraid you had done it and that this time you were dead.

Altering your mind to avoid the pain of life.
You aren't the only one who suffers, nor the only one with strife.

Your pity party has to end, it's been a thirty-year war.
I want to help you through the pain, but wounds still leave me sore.

I have been at your side all the while, and you never even tried.
What keeps me coming back as you just stood there and lied.

I have always been up front with you, I never judged or scorned.
You used, abused, and hated me, almost since you were born.

It's not my fault, I won't take blame, and it won't just go away.
You have to stop ignoring me because I am here to stay.

You say you're confused and dejected, but if you only knew.
We're one whether you like it not, so stop talking as if we are two.

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