One voice

Wake up every morning on the American front,
Always two steps from death, like Kineval does his stunts,
American P.O.W. in the promise land,
Gag in my mouth, shackles on my hands,
Smith and Wesson, my only God,
No donations, its a big fraud,
Just a nice way to say communist,
As Washington slams its angry fist,
One voice, one mind, one people,
Lets come together and fight the evil,
Got the freedom to choose from there choices,
Rock the vote, I'd rather sink the boat,
Got no money, got no say,
Just obey there laws, think well go away,
Political prisoners, its all a scam,
Pinned it on Jamal, he's an innocent man,
Do you remember "Power to the people",
Hey Huey Newton, its time for a sequel...

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