One Was Johnny

Did you ever here the one about Johnny
I thought about it awhile then it dawned on me
When Jhonny would talk no one would listen
Johnny had a girl but it was not him she was kissing
You just don't understand about the war
People got killed now do want to hear some more
He was just a kid you understand
But he killed man before he was a man
We met eachother one stormy night
The look in his eyes even gave me a fright
All you could see is fire in the sky
All you could hear was the sound off bullets zipping by
Bombs going off all around our heads
Running over our friends through rivers of red
Your own brother wasn't as close as the men that lay dead
Legs are gone arms aregone brains comming out of their head
I looked for him but he wasn't around
Then i heard someone yell Johnny's down
I crawled over my fellow brothers
Most kids dying screaming for their mothers
And there was Johnny lying in a pool of blood
he calls out for god to help pick his guts up out of the mud
Tell my mom not to cry and tell my daddy to be brave
And tell them to put this is not worth dying for on my grave
I took him home and did what he said
Told his family that their son was dead

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