one who

I want to deal with a problem I’ve been plagued with since birth
A plague so quick to spread it covers the entirety of the earth
Predetermined judgments just at first glance
Without even giving me a chance
You already “know” who I am
One quick scan and you ran
Cuz you think you know who I am
I’m a thief
An alien to your country
Do whatever work I can cuz I’m hungry
Man that ain’t even funny
Sorry but that isn’t me
I’m far more complex
Then the framework you have setup for my complexion
In fact upon further inspection
I’m nothing like the stereotype
Its time for you to actually get to know me
As I make a few corrections to your judge a book by its cover philosophy
A teen
One who maybe life has hit pretty hard a few too many times
One who lets out his frustration and anger at himself and the world in his rhymes
One who finds it too hard to put it all on the line so he just puts it all on the lines
One who time and time again loses his way
One who sees life would be so much easier if he just obeyed
And put his toys away (ha)
One who writes poetry for therapy
One who will forever be forgotten by our posterity
But if I can leave them with one legacy
Its been one left by Lincoln, king, and Kennedy
Before you run give them an opportunity
hey it only took 90 seconds to get to know me

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