When I see the sunset,
Vast across the sky.
I see my life and all that's been,
Slowly passing by.
It's funny how at even tide.
When the outside world is dim.
Thoughts come back from yesteryear,
Of things that might have been.
The voices of the ones I've loved,
Over all the years,
Like a helping hand to me wipe away my tears.
Tears that come from memories long gone,
And to late to change.
Warm and familiar then they were,
But now quite cold and strange.
The past is made by the sunset,
A dream into fantasy.
All that was good comes back again,
To live this dream with me.
Ah, but a dream and a night into day.
My thoughts of the past, with the wind drift away.
The ocean creeps up on yesterdays pace,
And at sunrise tomorrow you'll find not a trace,
For the hopes which I've placed,
On these smiles of the past,
Must be left with the sunset after all, at the last.
So, I see that the past if kept in it's place,
Is too swallowed up with yesterdays pace,
And life goes on.

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