One Year

One year, we finally hit that commitment stage,

It's about that time for you to let your heart out its cage.

My love for you is unconditional,

We got that stupid crazy, head over heels love, not that traditional.

Melanie I have been acting stupid because I am afraid,

This is about to be one of the biggest decisions I have ever made.

These last 365 days are ones to remember,

You deserve the world and I feel like I am the number one contender.

The contender to give you everything you want and need,

I know I can do it, yes indeed.

I have never felt like this before,

Yes I have been in love but I was never 100% sure.

I think of all the memories the times we spent together,

The one thing that I'll always know is we will be forever.

I've spent the day thinking wondering if it's real,

There has to be a special way to show you how I feel.

There is only one way I believe that can show,

That is to give you this ring so you know.

So you know I am not going anywhere,

And nothing comes in between us and nothing better dare.

It is a symbol commitment and trust in another

A special bond that never gives up hope or faith in the other.

I want you to accept this ring,

Until I replace it with that engagement bling

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