One year

Monday will be one year.
One year since I was sitting on the couch-it was raining so hard
One year since that phone call.
A friend killed by an oncoming car.
One year since I drove across town
Pressing my knuckles down
One year since I walked into my parent's kitchen
"Why are you crying so hard? What's going on?"
One year since I read that article
Oh my God, he's gone
One year since I screamed with so much anger
I think the house shook with the thunder.
One year since I felt the numbness of my tear-drenched face
Wishing that day could start over.
Just one more minute, one more second, I swear I won't ask more
One year since sleeping became a thing of the past.
Luckily no one asked
One year since the shower was the only place I cried.
One year since I found out how my friend died.
One year since my brother was taken too soon.
One year since my life was flipped upside down.
One year. One year. One year.
Where did it go?

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