Only Bad

Though you won this round, again I was wrong
And you sing me now my same old song
Lightning in the dark, we love how it glows
But the timing's off, like an overdose
Just don't think about me or what I do
I won't ever say that I missed you, too
I would rather hurt you than be alone
And you never treat me like I'm your own
We both know the truth, but pretend to care
Even though the feelings are really there
No, I'm not your girl, and you're not my man
But we're both so good we don't think we can
Walk away so quickly and just forget
We tried that before, only to regret
So now here we are, again at the end
Gotta let this go, no more than a friend
'Cause you can't lose something you never had
For each other. Baby, we're only bad

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