The first time we met,
A friendship of truth you offered,
The darkest secrets I kept hidden,
Even from myself.
In an instant I told you everything without haste,
My soul told me you were the only one,
To keep them hidden,
From anyone boundly safe.
Where did you come from,
Of all times now,
Why wasn't it sooner,
Now when only our life is half lived.
Some reason I've known you,
Before the first breath of life hear I am,
Right or wrong,
My words can only speak truth,
Without a thought or possible disappointment,
I can not come to bring myself,
A lie passing my lips,
My heart can only see the truth,
Filling my soul when you look into my eyes,
You already know me,
You see everything about me.
My lows, My highs,
You are the only one,
Who can see the passion I have for life,
If my eyes became blind,
I can see you bright as day,
Bright as the sky,
You feel my needs,
In silence I cry out your name,
As I turn, there you are,
Sound of your voice,
The sight of your face,
As my world is complete,
Only because of you.
Alllowing my love to come into your heart,
Taking me to your magical place,
Only because of you.

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    This Poems Story

    This is dedicated to Arnold Frausto, a special gentlemen that came into my life and I couldn't explain this feeling I've known you my entire life. I looking into your eyes I know we are and will be soul mates beyond the end of time. I love you. Arnold Truly, Madly,Deeply Yours Truly, BabyDoll Je t 'ame