Only Eyes for You

My eyes have seen elegance.
You do not know how much I treasure you.
My eye draws a picture of “Fit and Flare” as a feature
You do not know how your natural charm creates a taboo.

I look at my surroundings and nothing is in comparison.
Her traits simplify the word gorgeous to wow.
I gaze at her anatomy, mane and lengthy limbs with a lust in white cotton.
Her artistry is untouched, and I can only respectfully bow.

I only have eyes for you.
I see a beauty that’s invisible to the naked eye.

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Tags : #love, #sex, #desire, #orgasm, #thighs
Key Words : love, relationship, sex, desire sexual, eyes

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This Poems Story

The love of my life My Beautiful is a majestic being. She has no idea how strong my love for her is. My eyes only desire her and nothing else.