Only If She Knew

Mind spun into a whirlwind the moment I saw her
Her hair all curled, that frown face like the intense heat of the wild inferno
Only if she knew her talks froze my wits Err
And there she pours some Martini I guess some monster left her heart burned
Like a firefly she shines and daffodils she dances on her roof
I wish to catch her daily and not let anything collapse her world
But every time I try to reach her, Oh! God I always goof
Love is a fragile flower opening to the warmth of spring I have heard
So yes! I told her all my heart waiting in ghastly fears
Little did I know by then that gentle wind moves silently with ground clear?
So I wasn’t her Ross who could propose Rachael with a ring,
Ah! She did depart away from me in a blink of an eye.
Holding her hands, he left with a sigh, Wish I could embrace her once before this final goodbye.
Some chapters are better closed, but you are like an unexpected snowfall from the sky.
That touches my skin to remind me that beautiful things stay in the heart forever.
Though your thoughts choke my heart, I am going to love you eternally ever.
Not seeing you again can make my life hell even in dreams,
Oh Gosh!
So never seek to tell thy love, said it to me secretly only if she knew I would lose her unintentionally.

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