Only Time Will Tell

Only Time Will Tell
So let me tell you the story, of a woman who's relapse should not be boasted of in glory.
She was six months clean, but didn't feel so serene; She went from a dopeless hope fiend back into a hopeless dope fiend.
It began when she relapsed from treatment, and into drug court she went.
She had to move home at twenty-five; Her home environment was not one in which she could thrive.
The screaming and abuse, brought her back to her childhood years; She was reliving her fears.
As she let go of her Higher Power, she found herself sitting inside of the dope house; With everyone tweaking and geeking, it was as quite as a mouse.
Despite the quietness, her mind was racing; Becoming comfortably numb, was the only thing she was anticipating.
Her mind was made up, as she reached for the foil, and took that first hit; Her hope to live clean, vanished bit-by-bit.
She knew that she couldn't return home, nor to drug court; She knew that if she did not run, her time spent in an oblivion would be cut short.
Back to her old ways she went; Getting, making, and doing dope was how her time was spent.
It wasn't long before a warrant was put out for her arrest; She decided that leaving town would be for the best.
Off to Louisville she went; Now, dancing in a club, and numbing herself was how her time was time.
Next thing that she knew, she was looking herself in mirror, while she was turning blue.
Two hits of Narcan were what she was given, so that she could continue living.
This was not the first time that she had overdosed; She secretly wished that it would have left her comatosed.
Fearful that the cops would be notified, where to run to next, was for her to decide.
Miami, Florida is where she decided to run to; It turned out to be not such a pleasant view.
She began to hustle the only way that she knew; Only until a young, handsome, and wealthy many came into her life, out of the blue.
Her took her in; Little did she know, that kissing him would be such a sin.
Keep this in mind, money does not buy happiness, and true love is hard to find.
However, it didn’t take long before his true colors were shown; The real Dr Jekel and Mr Hyde, were made known.
The hallow look he would get in his eyes, was something that anyone would despise; He grabbed her throat, threw her to the ground, kicked her ribcage, and blacked her eyes.
He promised her that every lashing was based upon passion.
He preyed on her weakness like a vulture; She endured four weeks of torture.
She ran once she finally had enough; She held the tears back, because she needed to be tough.
Into the hood, she ran; She was taken to a trap house, by a tall, dark man.
More pain and suffering she succumbed; If only the drugs that he was feeding her would've kept her numbed.
She sat a plan to escape; She knew that there was not going to be a hero in a cape.
She hitchhiked back to the only other man she knew; What was to come next, she had not a single clue.
When she pulled up with a strange man, within the young man, jealousy and anger conspired; Thus, gunshots were fired.
When the young man attacked, the man who had given her a ride, shot him in his chest, and his side.
As the stranger drove away, she sprinted to the young man; What was going to be her plan?
She pressed her lips against his, as he was turning blue; Deep breaths are what she drew.
The blood was soaking into her nailbeds, as she pressed against his chest; Was this one of God's test?
To or not to, save a man who was abusive, but she loved; However, it was not her place for him to be judged.
Saving his life, was in her eyes the only choice; After giving him fifteen minutes of CPR, she finally heard the paramedic's voice.
He was rushed to the ER; She was placed inside of a police car.
She finally was delivered the news, that she had been anticipating, after eight long hours of waiting.
He was going to survive; She thanked God that they were alive.
She went back to Kentucky, and she knew that she wasn't going to be lucky.
Due to her warrant, she was arrested; Serving out her time was suggested.
Now, she sits in a jail cell; The demon of addiction, sucked her back into her own personal hell.
Her mind becomes unfogged, and she reached back out for God.
She desperately wishes to be released from the devil's spell; What will happen next, only time will tell.

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