Only Yesterday

Approximately four point seven billion years ago
The dawn of time began in a galactic firework show
Cosmic dust collecting forging planets one by one
Revolving regimentally 'round a star we call the sun

Cataclysmic earthquakes have ripped this world apart
Spewed its molten inners out, while gouging at its heart
Tectonic plates collided forcing mountains to the sky
Sulphur, methane, CO2, acid rain drifts by

A trillion tons of fossil fuel is burned up in a flash
The planet's surface lightly dusted with volcanic ash
Bombarded by the solar winds, and rocks from outer space
Classifying this a very dangerous, hostile place

Yet when all destruction's done and damage is complete
This jewel in our system be-comes placid calm and neat
Reflecting sunlight from the seas to give an awesome hew
This regal clump of cosmic dust revolving proud and blue

Bit by bit this jigsaw puzzle slotted into place
Eventually producing what we call the human race
Other creatures roamed this earth evolving to extinction
While we presume to influence and plan our destination

Ecology is in our hands determining its course
Believing we're superior's a farce and getting worse
We're a minor irritation causing litter and pollution
Only to be hovered up during Earth's cleanup solution

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The Big Bang and mans influence on ecology.