Onus Of Happiness

calm smooth still without a ripple in sight
a mirror reflecting back all that is good and right
a cloudless night sky the stars whisper a song
its infinite and eternal its been sung for so long
a hidden tide is pulling no one hears the plea
moving away from shore they see me floating serene
assuming all is fine never what is real
see what they want never knowing how i feel
no one pauses to notice no one stops to see
nowhere to feel safe no place to be me
no one accepting the reality of my life
beneath the calm waters that hide the chaos and strife
do what i must to survive to ease those that i love
hear their hearts reaching for that still water above
continue to show the front to keep the pain hidden
to make everything perfect as i have always been bidden
drowning i lay awake and wonder at the end of every day
what after would be like
slipping away with ease a peaceful surrender
to depart this life as i please
the water flows down its path never twisting or turning
the serene current expected ignore the soul that is burning
calm smooth still without a ripple in sight
a mirror dazzling the viewer shrouding the deadly tides

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