Ooh My Sweet Candy Cane

I seen you dangling from the christmas tree
blowing minty kisses to me
ooh my little red and white
let me help you down from evergreen height
let me express my love to thee
by singing you some lovely kararoekee
I shall draw us in the windows fog
and reveal that heart in breath of nog
and even tho the other candy might get jeolous
we will still hug and kiss and let no one tell us
that our love will be of short duration
because man and candycan is only a tasting
our love will always last I implore
like your minty taste and striped contour
oh how cute you look in my palm
jiving to these christmas tsalms
oh but now you look so pallid
you look so white like iceberg salad
oh the pain my heart revealed
that I should have kept your plastic sealed
the kisses and licks that I have gave
are sending you to an early grave
oh my heart breaks seeing you so brittle
my darling love is the size of a skittle
so with one last kiss we will depart
oh sweet candy cane you have broke my heart.

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