Oops I’ve Fallen in Love Again

The next day
Today is the next day!
The day everything is silent, empty, and gone.
The day you left me with the reality of waking up without you
Today is the next day I want nothing more than to wish it all away.
To be alone with my emotions beating me down,
The day I want to run from the empathy of those who mean well
Unknowingly they set the reminder of not having you around.
Today is the next day that shadows your goodbyes
The day I have to be strong, even though all I want to do is cry
Today is the next day that I pretend everything is all right,
When truth is I am doing my best to hold it together inside.
Today is the next day that begins to mend all my tomorrows
Today is the next day, which is the hardest day that follows.

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