Oop’s We did it Again

There will be times when We will say thangs But fail in following through,
it's no reason to try and dress up a lie for the deeds will remain untrue.
These times demand strict adherence to truth and following the rules,
for Our job in the struggle's of today only Jah can supply Our tools.
We must Be firm in patience the Lord will move when His time is best,
not to worry about Him being late for it might Be Our patience He test.
We can do anythang We want But this won't make anythang to last,
it's like many of the test of today only with Jah We will fail or pass.
This world must cease with the prideful lies,shed the old and brang in the new,
by holding on to evil ways can't but draw the same justice of old that's due.
Sure,We can change for a day or two then in evil We find Our comfort,
We must Be true in faith to remain when Jah come for the unjust to sort.
Everyone will have a place Our deeds will tell whether good or bad,
there will Be no time for excuses if Anyone wasted the respite they had.
Some are only in and outers can't decide on which way to flow,
Justice will resemble the lawn mower only it will surely clean this earth as it mows.
when We repent We must leave the wrongs walk away and don't look behind,
for satan will still be there only now he's angry and wants Our souls and mind.
some will yet turn back with thoughts of it being the last time,
Remember, Death has no age limits from still born to the old and in their prime.
This world must give life some thought before jumping headlong in to sin,
To once more come before Jah with the half-truth's Oop's We did it Again! Amen

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