As I rest my head upon your chest,
I hear your heart palpate with each breath.
I ask myself if I'm worthy enough,
to be the reason behind your rhythmic cadence.
My dear, you have me entangled in your beauteous love,
from which, I time and time again reinvigorate.
My incorrigibility severely hurt me once,
when I lost you, my beloved to the sun.
I came with nothing into this barren land,
sojourning my way through vacant reveries.
My soul rejoices when I see you soaring high up in the heavens,
unperturbed, like a bird with unclipped wings.
Seeing you fly so high,
extinguishes the anguish I once felt,
and fades the intense jolts of aches which gravely tore my body up.
I am, in this moment,
stripping the facades I created to lure
your benevolent heart to love mine,
because I know, as stained as my heart is,
you have seen through the cloudy opaqueness and seen the real me.

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This Poems Story

I am a musician, singer-songwriter, and an aspiring poet. I was born and raised in a town called Nagpur, located in the central part of India. A few years back, while rummaging through old things, I inadvertently stumbled upon my late Aunt Pamela's diary. Curious to read her thoughts, I impulsively leafed through each page, becoming completely mesmerized by her expressivity. My love for poetry began that very moment, when she spoke to me through her beautiful poems. Today, my hope as an artist is to evoke images and ignite emotions through the powerful medium of music and poetry.