Open Eyes

How long does one endure hurt?
Before someone see's and lends a helping hand.
Everyone feels something, but there's something I don't understand.
If pain, so easy to see, why let it go unchecked?
If pain, so easy to read, why do we say "next"?
One problem isn't bigger than the other.
One word will destroy your brother.
Pain isn't a bother when it's not them.
But someone has to receive hurt.
So, where's the difference, where's the ease?
We're all one body, we're all one thing
The person next to you could have a soul screaming.
Would you notice or think it bad dreaming?
Or pay no attention at all?
And that's where we, as humans fall.
We don't stop and try to get to know each other.
Me me me. And that's how we think.
We'll say I accept you with open arms, but It's not a free hug.
It's a sound and open wounds.
It's another someone "gone to soon"
But you claim you can see the hurt in someone.
You claim you'll be there to help.
Yet the only thing you've ever helped is yourself.
They say don't bite the hand that feeds you.
What about the one that chokes you?

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