Open letter to my next girlfriend

*Open letter to my next girlfriend* :(Poem)

I already know that you are Doctor ,
a real cardiologist,
one who will heal my heart ,
i know you will change my sorrows into treasure,
you will wipe out every dust of my failed relationships.

i am already planning for our future ,
but I have never been embraced,
and the money is hard to make ,
but dreaming about your smile keeps me going,
yes I don't know your face yet,
but I know you will be my saviour ,
all the disappointments in my life will be healed.

please be gentle with my heart,
i have been taken for a ride before,
i have been cheated before,
many have treated me like a fool,
but I want you to treat me like your king ,
i want to be your star and I want you to be my moon-
so that we can shine together.

many have left me when it mattered the most,
but please stay by my side even under financial woes,
be my pillar of strength ,
and I promise ,
i will be your soldier in this war called life.

Keith Ndlovu

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