Open Me Like a Book

If my parents opened me up like a book
Would they like what they see
The continuous walls
That have counted calories
Would they walk past all the kids
Who made fun of me for the way I look
Or would it be to painful
So they’d just skip that part of the book
Would they want to see my thoughts
Or me crying at 3 am
But when they’re done watching
Will they look at me again?
They’d look at all the pictures
Of the “perfect child” act I put on
So if they took a look inside
What could go wrong?
Would my fears chase them around
Leaving them with one more breath
Suffering they’re way to find what I see on the Internet
Things I see everyday
And all the rejections that I get
By the cute guy in math class
That didn’t get to know me yet
If my parents to a good look
They would see everything I’ve been keeping from them
So if they opened me up like a book
Would they ever love me again?

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