Open Your Heart

In life you may never see all the pain you cause me.
My heart feels heavy sinking into my soul,
Never knowing love can be so cruel.
You control my limbs, my heart and my fate,
Losing our tempers causing each other to go irate.
Screaming at each other not listening to what they said,
At that moment I feel like everything inside me is going dead.
All I wanted was for you to give me love,
Because you are the only man I could think of.
You promised me you would give me true love and devotion,
All I needed from you was the passion and emotion.
The touch of your hand,
Your arms to embrace.
Why couldn't you give that to me for goodness sake.
Was it too much to ask for?,
To be the woman that you adore?
Nevermind everything I said,
Because all of our emotion is actually dead.
Just like you said,
You can't be the man that I need,
You're giving me up so go ahead and let my heart bleed.

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