Opening eye

Pulled into the tornado; the whistling wind sings.
Songs of the sirens; Angels and jinns.
Gripped in this cycle; spiralling down.
Ripped from attachments; he is no longer bound.
No sense of control; first met with fear.
But with an act of surrender; this soon disappears.
Spun into a daze; his memories unfound.
Forgotten his past; no future; unclear.
Suddenly Sucked into the eye; where time stands still.
He is now left in a void; as silence instils.
Loud crack; Lightning strikes.
What was once darkness; turns light.
Granted a moment of vision; receiving destined insight.
An illusion he had bought; merely an idea was his name.
He and the tornado; were in fact one in the same.
Aware of his power; no longer lost in his own game.
Now whole he can dream; as a new day has come.
Freedom to flow through the rivers ; and dance on the sun.

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