Opening Up Old Books

Opening up old books,
Destroying your new look
You look deep into your past
An notice the love you once had
You want it so bad
You’ll do anything to get it
You don’t know what you’re in, till you’re in it
You want it back
That love you used too have
Think back,
Back to that day
All the love, all the hate
That vile and ugly debate
You said some things you shouldn’t have
It left you feeling distort
You broke it off
Quick and fast,
That love you want…..wont last
Cuz that love, is a thing of the past
You promised her that you could be friends, like kin
But then again
It always hurts your heart in the end
Yes, I know you want time to bend
So you can go back and change what you believe was a sin
Do you want to go through it?
That’s what I’ve asked myself again and again
Well I’ve had enough
I’ve ran from the question
It’s blocked me from love
I want you to be happy,
But with me-you couldn’t be!
……But now that I think
I know what I have to do
I know-because of past love-I can’t be selfish with you
My heart will love you always
I find that to be true
But what I don’t want to realize is
I’ve found someone to replace you…..

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