Opening up

If you said I never express my feelings I'm here to express them now. I often sit to myself constantly asking myself how. How did I let the best thing in my life get away from me. I was never perfect but for you I was trying to be. But you never ask that of me but still I had a point to prove. Who knew trying to be perfect would only make me loose. As I stood in this world once before a little girl so lost so cold. But when you came in my life it turned my heart gold. A 19 year old who knew nothing about what the world had to offer. But you came alone and my heart I lost it. Lost it to you lost it to love thanking and praying to the man up above. As I lie to you my soul and my heart. As a promise to only never part. I can't change back the hands of time. For my life I can't rewind. But if giving a chance to only prove to you. That my heart and my love was only true. Once again in this world so broken and so cold. For your heart I no longer hold. Nothing but damage nothing good. For once again my heart and my body has been left out in the woods. I was never perfect but that person I tried to be. But who knew loosing you I was loosing me. Trying to be that person, only made me loose life purpose. As I stand to you begging and pleading. Why only my heart is left bleeding. To prove to you I'm sorry I do whatever it takes. I promise you your heart I never forsake. My life right now loosing you it feels like a dream. In this dream I done lost you and I done lost me.

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In this world of alone lost without this thing called love.