Opioid Epidemic

Human lives cursed with affliction
Among the worst: addiction.
Cannabis not always happy,
Weed grow all over map-py.

Nicotine, cigarettes, and alcohol all bad,
But coke and dope make minds go mad.
Theft here, stealing there,
Drug money asks: a dime to spare?

Ride high, and opium becomes opprobrium.
Percs and oxys come with constipation ad nauseam.
Afghan poppy crop makes big money from a lot.
Heroin injected ends with a body shot.

Brains, liver, bones, lives lost to dope.
Mothers' tears and loved ones left to mope.
Land of the free, home of the brave,
Daily dope is life like a slave.

Lives and souls slave to drug,
Human families drop like a slug.
Here today, gone tomorrow,
Each overdose a legacy of sorrow.

Plant not poppy but seeds of hope.
Joy and fulfillment in a life free of dope.
On Flanders Fields let poppies grow;
Take no harvest for a better tomorrow.

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