Opportunity to Fly

I remember it like it was yesterday,
There was nothing I could do, but to somehow find a way.
I didn't even know what to say.
My parents sat me down by the fireplace,
They knew I was scared, you could see it on my face.

My brother came home not before long,
I sat there and thought. where did she go wrong?
All I want is for her life to be happy and long.
I sat and listened from the stairwell,
I prayed that there would never be a farewell.

I journey into places I have never known,
It may be tough, but as people we have grown.
These new feelings are like a quilt being sewn;
A quilt brings warmth and comfort in a tough time,
No matter how difficult and complicated the climb.

My mom continues the journey, no matter how steep the slope,
I am beginning to see the light of hope;
Every day it grows bigger, so there is no need to mope.
Our family is stronger, with her being our foundation.
She never shows any signs of frustration.

Her eyes are still dancing, her spirits are high,
There is always a bright star in every dark sky.
These difficult times have given our family an opportunity to fly.
Some people think the news couldn't be worse,
But cancer does not need to be seen as a curse.

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