Opposites Attract

My quest for love has ended with you,
knowing it was not destined to be us two,
misplaced pieces in a puzzle that matched,
only came to show us that opposites attract,

Well in that case, for me at least,
unsure of whether your eyes could see,
how could someone as painful as me,
be the one to put your mind at ease?

How can a person you say you'd never adore,
be that special someone you were looking for?
you always told me I'd amount to nothing,
yet I turned out to be the one you ended up loving,

Sometimes I stare in the mirror from things you say to me,
hopeless and see nothing in my reflection...
but yet why is when your eyes mirror into mine,
you only see perfection?

For someone who wouldn't give a thing to me,
gave me every bit of what you had;
you told me you wouldn't spare a second for me,
yet who knew everlastingly we'd last?
Opposites attract.

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