Opus from the Tatter


Waked from a falling dream, about to crash land
Like Newton and his apple in reverse
I deduced gravity was still at hand

And so were the trees and stars expanse
Struck in my loss and needs, became immersed
On what I had dreamed of this life’s remand

A drifting stream of scenes slowly expand
The litany of pandemic coerce
From a viral seethe or a statesman’s disband

But they can not seize our story’s romance
All that we love to dash our hopes perverse
Fear must not stop humanities advance

Truth is nothings lost, just the circumstance
Our better angels flourish to adverse
When we are united for which we stand

And those trees and shining stars
Always remained in place
Those many hands set apart
We will again embrace
For the longing in our hearts
Will be our saving grace

© 2020 Robert Trakofler

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