We follow those who keep us fed,
Whoever they may be.
Their doctrines don't unseat our hearts,
All you care is "of me."
Ideology is just a word,
Who cares what it may mean?
My children need their food right now,
I'll sell my soul for beans.
Freedom is just a lofty wish,
For those who have such needs.
They're bound and chained by social laws
Made by you and by me.
He who gives up his liberty
In order to be safe,
Does not deserve either of them-
Oh ye of little faith.
In governments that rule a turf,
This order's been upheld.
These people no longer have dreams,
Their spirits have been felled.
The only way to end this war
Is through great intellect.
A single spark can light a fire
That brings down this whole sect.
Raise up with your minds unified
Against this common foe.
Claim back your minds and think again,
You'll reap what you do sow.

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