Poem - Sands of time
Do you see the dark, it's called night.
A swift reminder that the sun has gone to take shades or maybe resolve to solitude .
But don't worry, the moon is here, to sing us songs and tell bedtime stories.
To lay our heavy heads to sleep and bless us with sweet dreams.
Underneath it's light we'll sing and dance, make melodies with smiles and laughter.
We'll entrust our greatest secrets to him.
This is but the cycle of life.
So what story will you tell to the moon when your sun takes shade to set on the other side of life or resolve to solitude never to return?
Will we tell tales of joy or regrets ?
Will we make melodies or weep endlessly for you?
Would we sing and dance or cry our eyes blind till our voice leaves us?
Life is a play with everyone as a director and their own scriptwriter.
Act well for posterity to be entertained.
The sands of time awaits your prints.

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