Organic Soul

In a broken home with a broken door,
I saw a woman with a broken soul.
She saw her lover's broken heart.
With her glaring broken eyes she tried to mend his heart.
She wanted to fix him, wanted a cure,
but instead she gave him something pure.
Organic love and organic soul,
was only what this woman showed.
But the man was lost in his shallow hole.
No love found, no love bestowed.
So he found himself all alone.
He tried, he tried to make it moral.
And nothing helped his broke soul.
So as these two lovers love each other,
at the same time they see their world as a clutter.
Before they suffer, they decided to part,
so they don't hurt each other's damaged hearts.
As you see the broken door,
you can see their broken home.
Within the broken home is just the woman left alone,
with no one to hold,
in this cold.

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This Poems Story

Hello, my name is Abeer Anwar. I am twenty-one years old. I was born in Saudi Arabia, although, my family is from Pakistan. I moved to America when I was seven years old. Now, I reside in Chicago, IL, with my family. I have always been in love with writing and reading poetry. I was inspired to write "Organic Soul" when I saw the way one can love so purely. It is something that can never be altered once you have fallen in to it. But sometimes one won't receive the love they wish to, which causes loneliness. This poem can be interpreted in many ways depending on your mind.