Other People’s Hearts

The most important things
Are invisible to the eye
Some of us know they’re there
The rest of us have yet to come alive
What nobody knows
Is what can’t be seen
What is behind the woes
Is a beautiful symphony
A tangle of things we have forgotten
All hidden behind the person in front of us
A string of lies turned into truths
A person’s World starting to un-crumble
Coming apart at the seams by the second
Nobody knows the shattering happens when you’re alone
I bet you’re tired of hearing sorry
Or maybe you’re not
Because nobody knows
Deep down inside you’re dying
Putting on a smile when you’re really suffering
I can see what your hiding
Through your teeth are all the sorrows
I’d like to see it
Come out and be wonderful
Do the opposite of what’s normal by shedding the limits
I think pain is so beautiful
Rising with the Sun’s horizon once you’ve become friends with your darkness
Please shine as that beacon of a blessing
You can do it once you accept the demons
Let them bring angels to you
Where others can’t see
Because that is what I find the most important anyway

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