Other Side of the Moon

As I lay here alone in bed while you are on the other side of the moon,
I wonder if you can sense the way he tries to bring the tide of our love together again.

My heart paces with every thought that walks around my brain. I feel like an old widow walking the length of her house trying to find the scent of her love once more.

I drift away to sleep with the memories of our deep murmured laughter under the same side of the moon.

They say looking back is bad luck but the best luck I've ever had was finding you.

The whispers of our future haunt me. It makes it's way from under the closed bedroom door. Like the cold Alabama January wind carassing me. Reminding me that you are not here to keep me warm.

If I could sum up our love it would be a red wine that washed away all my sins before I had you. Who I was before you means nothing to who I am beside you.

I wait for the days when we sit in the park eating olives and drinking suca while the children flock with the pigeons and the sun sets in the distant. Your hand will be warm in mine until the end of times.

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