Our 20’s

They say these are the years you’re still trying to figure things out
The twenties when you feel like you should be living life by now
Should be out your moms house by now
Should be with the person you really love by now
But you’re not a kid and learned that’s not what lifes about
Partying answers went from “Yes” to”Maybe”
Some of us can’t be partying because we have babies
Don’t got no village to help like back in them days
It’s crazy
Isn’t anybody wondering why these young women are killing themselves and their babies
Maybe because they feel alone as fuck and it’s driving them crazy
Maybe these young men out here really wasn’t ready
Cause they ain’t have one they have no clue how to be a daddy
And if you don’t got a kid, you still feeling lost
Thinking okay this 9-5 is cool but I want to be a boss
Tired of working for a government and cutting your cost
Its either metro or your phone bill so you gotta take that loss
Still gotta get to work, despite your personal struggles
Trynna speed through your day, to find out you’re stuck on a double
Wanting to quit
Life starting to make you feel like shit
Wanting to go back to school but always saying it’s too late for for it
In our twenties
We doubt ourselves, always questioning why
While waiting for someone to tell us what to do with our lives
Trying different things
Hoping to find where we fit in
Wanting so much to see what this life has to bring

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