OUR Broken Society

Get up out of bed
Take a shower
Make sure to apply the paint thoroughly to your face
But wait, if this is what they want, why are they saying I'm trying too hard?
That's OUR society
Curl your hair
But wait, you want it straight now?
That's OUR society
Make sure you buy the 100 dollar pair of vans
No not skechers because no one has those anymore
OUR society
Squeeze into those tight little pair of jeans
But don't we have a say in our clothing?
Not in OUR society
As soon as you get a chance to catch up with the trends, they change
When you try your best to look presentable, your trying to hard
If you slack, you need to try more
OUR society
A girl has to do things OTHER than being themself to get a guy's attention
This isn't just my society
Take a look around, actually pay attention to OUR society
Maybe your eyes will finally open
Maybe you'll realize were all a broken society

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