Our Brother

The youngest of thirteen siblings Arthur Knuckles was
was his name, he had his own unique character but some
called him Arthur James.
We all are hurting inside we couldn't see your face,
all these memories we share it can never be erased,
it doesn't matter the time it doesn't matter the place.
He has a special laugh and a humorous entertaining talk
If you were driving down the street you knew his
particular walk.
What about the do rag you always had on, your heart was
sensitive even though you were grown.
What about his long hair, what about his distance stare
what about his glance, if you really knew him you can't
forget his funny dance.
It will make you laugh but today we might cry thinking
of you gone make tears come in our eye.
You were baby brother a cousin,uncle and dad too we
all came together because the love we had for you.

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