Our Camelot

I open my eyes I can smell the dampness of the morning fog.
I go to the window and look out into the dense morning air.
The morning birdsong echoes as I yawn and stretch taking in the beauty of another morn.
The bright sun begins to penetrate the thick fog.
Its brilliant rays finally break through and they shine upon the face of my King.
The sun highlights the rugged features of my brave strong hero.
I gaze upon my King taking in the beauty before me.
My King begins to move. Stretching and yawning our eyes meet.
Ahh your awake my King, how may I serve you on this wonderful day.
My Queen your magnificent beauty serves me very well.
The question to be asked is how my I serve my beautiful Queen.
My King arises from the bed and grabs me and pulls me close.
I soak up the comfort that his strong arms provide.
His wonderful scent forces me to nuzzle into his neck to absorb his being.
He puts out his strong hand. Take my hand my Queen.
We walk hand in hand to the open window.
The dense fog has begun to lift and the sun is warm on my face.
We gaze out upon wonderful Camelot.
Look at the wonder of our beautiful Camelot.
It is the noble citizens of Camelot that we must serve on this day My queen.
Together side by side, hand in hand we will be at the disposal of our people.
Come take my hand My Queen let us go be amongst our noble folk.

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