Our Choices, Our Voices

I look around at the world's tragedies and think
Is it really real or just some hijinks?
Hurricanes, shootings, massacres - all destruction.
It takes weeks, months, even years for reconstruction.
Why do I feel so bummed out, so mad, so angry
At events I can't control and are far beyond me?
I feel hopelessness watching it all from afar;
The slaughtering of innocents makes it even more hard.
Watching the headlines on TV and the Internet too;
I flip the switch, tune it out - all the hullabaloo.
Although I choose not to listen or even to hear
I'm still haunted from the pictures of those filled with fear.
Maybe there really is a Satan controlling our minds
Trying to brainwash and lead us with all of his lies.
Are we wise enough to know what is evil or good?
Can we stomp out those thoughts that are dark if we could?
Life encompasses so many ups and some downs
Like a circus full of freaks and crazy-looking clowns.
I think in my heart that we need both sides to compare
Between what's hateful and what's loving - a lesson to care.
It sounds simple, naive, like a child's mind still growing
But let's take on this task, let's reprogram our knowing;
Because I truly believe that we all have a choice
To concentrate on the light instead - to stand up and rejoice!

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This Poems Story

As we get older and wiser, I think we realize that it's our responsibility to make choices with our mind. It's a struggle since there are so many negative forces around us. Personally I believe that there are just as many positive forces and we were given brains to differentiate between the 2. It could be as simple as what you will have for breakfast or as complicated and human as marching forward and still seeing goodness in life and others despite personal betrayals, violent acts of terrorism or Mother Nature, racism and plain old hatred. - Poem published in "Best Poets of 2013 - Vol. 3" - Copyright 2013