Our Crazy's Don't Work

To him love was bought paid for
mixed up in lies and good byes
Here's a bottle wash it all down
until you can't remember
just let your memory drowned.
He fed it hate and anger never let it cry!
The familiar path of distraction he chose to ride.
Never ever confined his heart
to the prison in his mind
The truth not something he wished to find.
pushed way back into the forgotten place in his mind.
he keeps up the fight.
Then he met me a girl also not quite right.
We fell hard that night,
in your bedroom dimmed light.
Both hurting and hurt refused to let go!
fits of anger by those before him had made her
full of resentful anger
He pushed her buttons to protect his own.
She couldn't bring herself to leave him alone
Like weapons their word are aimed to cause pain.
They both point fingers in blame.
I love you...
she says with tears coming from her eyes.
I love you too...
he spoke.
The silenced broke
by their final good-byes.

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