Our Dance

You are the river que fluye el amor en mi corazón
You are...the man I tango with
Chest to chest our hearts beat as one
As you hold me tightly, in security
As we exhale these emotions endlessly
To the music's guidance
Faithfully bésame in defiance
You are my sun that shines my world with light
And its because of your warmth inside
That captures my heart continuously in sight
You are my starry night
Sword and shield, you protect me without a yield
Yet back to the start
I begin to doubt your heart
For who could love a girl like me?
Just like a bird in love with a fish in the sea
Like a mermaid's tale of love once searched
To give everything up, is it worth the hurt?
I want to convince myself to sacrifice for thy love
But one must remember between false and reality
I'll take this chance then and give up only my voice
'Cause I know when we dance
You'll remember I was your last glance

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