Our Family Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving day is finally here and the turkey will soon be cut.
Mom is cussing out her stuffing as she scoops it from the butt.

Family pictures will be taken once everyone arrives.
I heard that next year Grandpa Charlie will probably not be alive.

The absence of cousin Vinnie makes us all very sad.
Thanksgiving for him this year will be spent away in rehab.

No beer for cousin Jack and everyone knows why--
Went out drinking about a month ago, got himself a DWI!

Aunt Sue and Uncle Bob came over, brought their two little kids.
Aunt Sue is expecting twins; Uncle Bob said they're not his.

Uncle Ted brought a lady that we've never seen before.
Dad thinks she's a "looker" but Mom said she's a "bore!"

Everyone approaches the table and the eating feast will start.
No one wants to sit near Grandma, as she has a tendency to fart!

Dirty dishes in the sink and all the men will pass.
They just sit there watching football and take turns passing gas.

Mom is so thankful when everyone parts their ways.
She won't have to deal with these people for another 364 days!

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